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Spark9 is a results-driven digital agency specializing in aligning your business objectives with customized digital marketing services that provide impactful results.

We take pride in offering consulting services to strategically hone in your business’s marketing efforts. Whether it’s an SEO audit, PPC management, or funnel management, we strive to understand your business as you watch your revenues bloom.

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Our Digital Marketing Services

Spark9 is more than “just” a typical digital marketing agency. 

Digital Audits

SEO audits, PPC audits, CRO audits, funnel audits, website audits, and much more. This is great for nearly all site owners to identify massive growth opportunities.


Our clients are partners in our eyes. We develop customized digital marketing strategies unique to your business that propel revenue and drive growth.


SEO Management

70% of online searches are on Google. We help get your business in front of high-intent prospects. Local SEO, Google My Business, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO.

Online Advertising

Increase your leads and jumpstart company growth by letting us manage your paid ad campaigns (Google Ads / Facebook / etc.). We set up, manage, and help you get acclimated to paid ads, profitably

Analytics & Tracking

We assist on Google Analytics and online conversion tracking setups and keep you informed of meaningful KPIs affecting the bottom line, turning data into impactful insights.

Funnel Optimization

We obsess over trimming the fat and fueling the muscle of your marketing campaigns. Email marketing, drip campaigns, landing page optimization, CRO and funnel strategy.

We strategically align businesses to focus their resources on growth without being bogged down by unnecessary marketing efforts. Think of us as your digital marketing partner that is heavily invested in seeing your company succeed.


Data Driven – Results Oriented

Spark9 takes a methodical and holistic approach to all digital marketing initiatives. Working with prospects isn’t a ‘zero-sum’ activity and our experts have the passion for helping businesses achieve success online.

We have the experience that turns people to leads, leads to sales, and sales to long-term customers. We work with you to properly identify business problems that impact your bottom line


1. Identify

We help identify your market and align your business objectives

2. Strategize

Strategize your ideal traffic sources and messaging to align your audience.

3. Implement

We’ll manage or consult your digital marketing efforts for growth.

4. Test, Optimize, Repeat

We learn, strategize, and iterate for continued growth.

We Help Companies Expedite Growth

Boost Revenue

Paid Advertising (Google, FB, Youtube) paired with a strong offer
helps yield strong returns that can help you scale quickly.

Save Time & Efficiency

We focus on the most impactful marketing efforts the drive the most value for your business. No countless internal meetings, no waiting ‘months’ for a simple update.  Focus on you.

Expert Guidance

Being omnipotent is a desired skill not many have. We guide entrepreneurs and businesses to understand, discuss, and navigate their marketing efforts in yielding profits.

Case Studies

88% Decrease in
Cost Per Lead

Industry: Mental Health
Discipline: Google Ads + SEO
Before: $3,151 CPL
After: $380 CPL
Bottom Line: Maxed Out Occupancy

2,000% Uplift
in Leads

Industry: Attorney Services
Discipline: Google Ads + CRO
Before: 1-2 Leads / Month
After: 40+ Targeted Leads / Month
Bottom Line: Efficient 60% decrease in CPL

On Google

Industry: CPAs & Accountants
Discipline: Site Build + SEO
Before: Page 8 on Google
After: 5+ years Ranked #1 on multiple keywords
Bottom Line: Local dominance

Why Do You Need A Digital Consultant?

Stop Inefficient Spend On Campaigns

Throwing money at a problem may provide a solution, but it’s rarely optimal. Spending on unnecessary platforms or targeting the wrong market means you may be spending money incorrectly! Our consultants work with you and your business to have meaningful spending that propels growth.


Prospects want what you are offering

There is a lot that goes into intent-driven marketing. With hundreds of marketing platforms to use, understanding intent and aligning it with your product or service at the right moment in time is what ultimately wins. We help get the right eyeballs to your business.

Impactful Metrics of Growth

Transparency, trust, and communication are what we believe to be the backbone of growth between a digital agency and its partners. We answer the question, “How can we fix this?” We align KPIs to your business that measures how fast your company is growing and set you up to scale.


Big Picture Approach

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose focus on our end goal. Keeping a big picture approach is paramount to steering the course to ensure your business objectives and goals are met. We help provide a vivid picture of the ‘why’ to help achieve success.

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About Spark9

Spark9 is a tech-oriented digital agency that blends long-term strategy, business objects, and years of marketing experience to identify meaningful digital marketing services for awesome companies that are looking to scale or need a helping hand in digital marketing.


Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs, startups, and small-to-large size businesses in resolving digital marketing problems. We strive to be better and help businesses share the same mission.

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