About Us

We are your digital partner

What We Do

We concoct strategies, craft ideation, create meaningful content, implement digital marketing campaigns, and then some — all to drive the people our clients care about. 

Small, medium and large businesses alike exist to solve a need or desire customers have. When businesses run out of ideas or need direction on how to build a digital footprint, they must seek out forward-thinkers and experts to guide the path of success.

We are a hybrid digital agency and consultancy that solves digital problems. Understanding a business’s unique objectives and goals require industry knowledge and the belief of success of those around. Our credo: Decipher, Strategize, Test, Iterate”. 

We are always testing and optimizing every part of the marketing funnel. We possess the unique ability to be both your premier digital marketing experts that do the work for you so and be your trusted strategic partner in guiding your profitable marketing efforts.

We focus on high-impact digital marketing initiatives tailor-fit to your business needs.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization
PPC / Paid Media
CRO / Landing Page Optimization
Google Ads / FB Ads / Amazon Ads
Analytics & Conversion Tracking
Local Marketing
Content Marketing

Strategic Services
Digital Auditing
Digital Strategy
Trends & Reporting 
Data Visualization
Content Strategy
Digital Management

Who We Are

Spark9 is the culmination of over a decade of helping businesses explore growth through astute digital marketing, ideation, and business operations.

“I’ve done digital marketing in the past and it didn’t work, what makes you different?”. I’m a marketer that hates marketing.

That’s right.

The core of good “marketing” is to align what your customer needs and desires are and connect the dots to your business. The message, platform, product, and trust are a means to an end.  In other words: it’s not THAT marketing exists, it’s what you do with it that matters.

At the heart of Spark9 is the desire to go beyond “mindless” implementation of campaigns and to demystify problems, challenges, and direction of your digital marketing efforts.  Through years of working with small businesses, startups, and fortune 500 companies, I’ve realized there are two constants of team success: Communication X Impactful Efforts.

We shine through with the idea of focusing on high-value activities that move the needle regardless of client, industry. Unearthing growth requires communication and strategic planning.

I’ve kept these methodologies during my career and managed to see success along the way. and continue to see client success. When we work with clients we expect to partner with them as they grow and see success. What drives Spark9 is being apart of your growth, because that’s a win-win for all. 

Working with a digital agency shouldn’t be a zero-sum activity. We help drive vision, growth, opportunity, and long-term success. Because without understanding, how can there be growth?

Our Founder

Jose (Joey) Montano is the Founder of Spark9 Digital. His experience in the digital realm started in a small e-commerce company where he helped increase YoY revenue by over $1M and parlayed that into his first digital agency in Las Vegas called SmashMetrics in 2013. It later was acquired by tech innovator RevUnit where he helped work with SMB, Startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

He branched out in 2017 as a strategic marketing contractor for multiple companies and in 2020, he has culminated a digital consultancy that is now Spark9 Digital.

His experience has helped companies such as Walmart, Sams Club, Unigroup, School of Rock, Handled, Geniecast and Meek Mirrors improve their client attraction methods effectively.